Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Shortcut...

Each week I plan to post a shortcut I have used, whether it was with cooking, crafting, parenting or whatever. I think life is short and while there is time to make cake from scratch and sew your own pillows, sometimes you need a little shortcut to help you get the job done in a hurry.

This week's shortcut is something my husband and I both love, it is warm, saucy, delicious and only takes 9 minutes to make...

That's right, Bertolli Mediterranean Frozen Dinner. We love this one with rigatoni, chicken, broccoli and peppers. The sauce is garlicy, but not too much. This goes well with a salad and some bread. There is plenty in the bag to make a meal for two, which is fine cause my little guy would not eat this anyway (he's far too picky at times).

~~Bonus~~If you click the link above, their site offers a $2.00 coupon. You cannot beat a meal for two for $6 (normally $8 without the coupon).

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