Monday, July 28, 2008

I love a good HVAC man...

Anyone who knows me knows I am always hot. Yes I am chubby, but even before I got the chubs I was always warmer than most. Ever since giving birth though, my internal temp has been on the rise.

So you can imagine my unhappiness (read anger) when our central air unit died during a 4 day 90 degree heat wave. Yes I know, that is not that bad, there are people in Texas frying in over 100 degree heat day after day. However, for a simmering core Michigander like me that is a hot heat wave.

Anyway, we spent just less than 48 hours sweating it out, sleeping in separate beds, whining and crabbing at each other before our new unit was installed. And let me say, my what a big unit it is, and efficient! It should be called a GoodWoman instead of GoodMan...this baby blows!

~~As any true scrapper would, I made a page in honor of the new central air unit.

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jess said...

Hey girl! I was laughing at your heat wave until you mentioned us Texans. It has been at least 104 every day for the laust few weeks. Bryan called me from work the other day and said that we had a cold front moved in and it will only be 101! :)

Love ya!