Friday, October 31, 2008

Freaky Friday The Final Edition

Happy Halloween!

Today should be a fun day for us. My son is 4 and has a fun day planned at preschool. Parents are invited to stay for the first 30 minutes and see all the kids in their costumes and watch them sing some songs. I have been getting little previews of the Halloween songs at home and I am sure it will be cute when all of them get going together.

We will be trick or treating tonight as well as passing out candy at our house. Some of the grandparents are sure to come by to see our little guy in his costume. It will be a great day!

My final item to share for Freaky Friday is pictures of our pumpkins we carved this Monday evening. I was sick with a cold, so it was not as much fun as years past, but they all turned out great and we can't wait to light a few candles in them tonight.
I look forward to seeing everyone's Halloween pictures on their blogs soon!


JLT6907 said...

Those are really cute pumpkins!

Erin Tales said...

I love the round pumpkin eyes! That's how I do mine. LOL. Forget about triangles...circles are cooler.

happy Halloween!