Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eeeek! It's Tuesday already...

Sunday morning I woke up with a cold, nothing major, but it really kicked my butt yesterday and I was down all day. So many things needed to get done, but they didn't. Oh well, cause the rest helped me feel better today, I am still stuffy and sleepy, but I am not feeling like death, so that's good.

So today I am getting caught up, or trying to at least. While I'm doing so, I just have to say Yippee! for Printworks Premium Matte Photo Paper.
Yes, I realize it may seem strange. I'm sick, I'm busy and frantically trying to get things done and what do I want to share? I want to share my love of photo paper with you. Seriously I am odd, but this stuff is fantastic.
Part of my to do list today is printing all the treat bag toppers for my son's preschool Halloween shindig on Friday. I need to get this done today! While we made a mad dash to the local superstore for pull-ups and allergy medicine, I remembered I needed photo paper. I grabbed a box of my fave kind and off we went.
After lunch I set off to the office to print and as the cute treat bag toppers rolled off the press (aka my color inkjet printer) I remembered how much I love this paper. It hold the color well without too much saturation and it looks fantastic. It brings my fun creations to life!
So, if you ever decide to do a hybrid project with your digi scrap supplies, I definitely recommend using Printworks Premium Matte Photo Paper. Check it out!

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MMJ said...

I've yet to try printing at home.

Hope you get to feeling better!