Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Andrea

1. I'm a natural blonde, but each year my hair gets darker and darker and my straight hairs get wavy.

2. I went to Catholic school for middle school and loved it. The uniforms, the singing practice, the teachers, the whole thing was wonderful.

3. I belong to a mommy forum that I visit daily (multiple times a day). I have known some of the moms since I was pregnant in 2004.

4. My son was almost named Abrahm instead of Aiden.

5. One of my legs is a smidge longer than the other, just a smidge.

6. I am obsessive about organization. I love our label maker and would label the whole house if I could.

7. I need praise, like more than any grown person should. My poor husband is required to praise my every effort or I feel unappreciated.

8. I love puppy kisses and I am beyond thrilled that our new puppy loves to give them and she lathers me in kisses many times a day.

9. In third grade my class was putting on a play and when it was time for my line I stood up, my little brother in the audience yelled my name and I got embarrassed and burst into tears and ran off the stage. I was mortified. I'm not the only one from my class that remembers that incident either, it was bad.

10. When I was 5 I loved driving the riding lawn mower, my dad would let me sometimes and it was the coolest thing!

11. I love watching Alice In Wonderland.

12. My favorite lunch is lemon rice soup and greek salad.

13. I met my husband in first grade.

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Kellie H said...

Number 13 was the coll is that?!

Susan said...

Hey Andrea, Which theme on my blog did you see cause I just changed it AGAIN. Probably while you were visiting my blog. I am so so loony!! You may need to go see if it is the theme you saw before and let me know which you like best LMAO.

KatyTexasMommy said...

Wow lemon rice soup? NEVER have heard of it, must try it! do you have a recipe for it? thanks for your sweet comment, LOVE LOVE your blog!

tjonsek said...

Great idea! I'm going to check out the 13 for Thursday code now.

I need praise too - praise and presents......