Monday, August 4, 2008

Read the labels...

Sometimes you can get great recipes right off the labels of the items you purchase at the store. I have a summer pie recipe I have been making for years that came off the label from a canned fruit. I have served it to everyone, summer after summer and they all love it.

Recently I was looking over some items in the canned veggie aisle, things I have never purchased before. I was looking for a new dinner idea and I found a great one.

Del Monte produces sliced potatoes in a can and on the side of my can was their Easy Au Gratin Potatoes recipe. I tried it last week and it was actually easy and my husband and I loved it!

Here's a picture of my finished product, and I do mean finished cause I barely had time to snap a picture before my husband finished off the last little scoop.

And the recipe can be found on the Del Monte site...the only variations I made was to add salt and pepper and a bit more garlic cause we like garlic.

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