Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is this the secret?

I have two dogs. Right now they are both puppies, one is 1 year old and the other is 4.5 months old. My house feels like a zoo at times.

I have been a doggy mom for many years now though and often found myself watching The Dog Whisperer marathons late at night on National Geographic. I continue to be amazed by Caesar Millan and what he can do with crazy canines. His calm manner, his straighforward approach, his lack of a temper...he is incredible. (the exotic accent helps a bit too)

Today while I was at Petco trying to find a food my allergy ridden bulldog can eat (that's a whole other topic), I came across a rack filled with Dog Whisperer products. They carried fortified water for dogs, dry food, treats, beds, collars, leashes and books all created and marketed by Caesar Millan.

One item on the shelf was very interesting though...Dog Whisperer by Cesar Millan Relax Systemic Support for Dogs. Here's what the bottle claims...

What to Expect?
Reduced symptoms of stress and anxiety
Naturally helps your pet find its own level of calm without dulling or drowsiness

Hhhmmmmmm, a liquid supplement that is supposed to help relax dogs? Is this the trick he uses to work his magic?

I don't doubt he has a wonderful approach to working with dogs and their owners to develop behaviors that are healthy, but now I am wondering if all the dogs on the show have been given this magic potion. I can see it being used as an aid to get the dog in a state of calm enough to absorb his instruction and influence. However, I am feeling a bit less amazed at this point and a smidge ripped off.

I will never be able to watch The Dog Whisperer again without wondering if the dog was given a little shot of Caesar's Systemic Support Elixir before the training began.

~pop~ (that's the sound of Petco bursting my lil bubble)


jimm said...

AS one of the producers of the "Dog Whisperer" series, I am happy to report to you that no dog is given any medication or supplement prior to filming.
Our show is as real as a reality show can get. Cesar usually knows nothing about the cases before he arrives and we never know what he will do once he interviews the owners and decides on a plan of action.
Thanks for watching!
Jim Milio

Andrea said...

Thanks Jim! That would be the best way to make a realistic show and I am hoping that is the case as I have always loved watching Caesar work his magic.