Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beer? Butt? What?!

Yep, that's right, Beer Butt Chicken was on the menu for dinner tonight. We love it and haven't had it in quite some time. So, I preheated the grill and got my little chicken out of the fridge. You start with one regular roaster chick.
PhotobucketSalt and pepper to taste. Around here, the more pepper the better. Pour out half a can of beer, or drink it if you're a beer drinker. Add some minced garlic into the can, again the more the better at my house.

Then place the can into the fancy beer butt chicken stand and slide it up into your chick's rear, gently now she's still a lady.

If you don't have a fancy beer butt chicken stand (can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond) then just slide the can into the chicken and do your best to balance it on the can and ends of the legs in a metal pie plate.

Even with the stand you need a pie plate underneath.


Once that's done, you are ready to grill. You want indirect heat, so turn on the burner on one side and put the chick on the other. I like my grill to be at around 500 degrees, even at that temp, it is gonna take almost 2 hours or until you reach an internal temp of 190 degrees and the legs are easy to pull off your chick.

Be careful taking your chick off the beer can and/or stand, everything is really hot, including the beer inside the can which can splash you. Let her rest for a few before carving her up.

Then enjoy!


Kim @ What's That Smell said...

Where is the after picture? you got me all excited and hungry and no after picture...hehe

My husband always wanted to make that but we never have.

Andrea said...

Sorry, no after, we were starving by dinner time. My brain does not function when I am staring at delicious chicken and haven't eaten in 8 hours.

Susan said...

Ouch, that looks like it hurts. Oh, that's right it is just a dead chicken. Never heard of that before, I may have to get dh to make that someday.